WorkFlow   &   E.L.N

A comprehensive, scalable, adaptive and highly customizable Information Management System.      


Analysis & Consulting

Advanced data analysis and consulting services for genomics and proteomics research support.       


Enterprise Solutions

Every thing to have your lab running - tool development, enterprise management applications customization.


Drug Discovery

G.P.U accelerated numerical analysis engine for PK – PD & molecular mechanics.


In the News:

Computational Biology: A generic handle for Bio informatics consulting.

Proteomics data analysis pipeline. Mass Spectrometry data analysis

A.B introduces Mercury in to Data analysis pipe line.

Development of Apollo 2 : Now includes enterprise level features and reliability with workflow management..

Chem Informatics: Mol Builder - advanced PK - PD analysis ...

More to come …


Arka Bio is the fastest growing bioinformatics solutions and service provider in India and in the world. We have been catering to numerous public and private organizations around the world with sate of the art informatics solutions.

Workflow management, Genomics studies and Drug Discovery are our main focus areas. We have developed versatile lab enterprise management solutions designed to address a myriad of scenarios. G.P.U accelerated numerical analysis engine used in both N.G.S data processing and PK – PD analysis.

Arka Bio also provides consulting and data analysis services for research scientists with support for numerous high throughput multiplex platforms including Illumina Genome Analyzer, Roche 454 and Applied Biosystems Solid.



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